Special classes

BB-DanceCamp is a great chance to try some more "extraordinary" things. That's why we offer you three different topics that you can work on intensively for one day each. Special classes are open to all levels. Feel free to visit as many special classes as you wish.

Just pick the class you want to join during registration:


Aerials, Baby Acrobatics - Saturday


So called Air Steps were already part of early Lindy Hop and Boogie and are the icing on the cake for very good dancers, especially in show acts. In this Special Class, you will learn some basic techniques and figures.

PLEASE NOTE: Aerials require a good and healthy physical constitution. In Social Dance, they should NOT be tried out, because this is too dangerous!

For safety reasons, you may only register to this class as a couple. The number of participants is limited to 25 couples.

Authentic Jazz - Sunday


There is nothing that connects the individual dancer with the music as much as Jazz does. While we often talk about Shorty George, SuzyQ or Charleston variations when we refer to jazz steps, there is much more to take from this dance – individualism and rhythm. We will work with you on some basic jazz steps and their use according to the music, so that you can integrate them into your dance creatively. Based on what you've learned, you will also be able to create your own open side-by-side figures.


Collegiate Shag - Monday

Watch a video here


NEW: Shag class from level Intermediate/Advanced!

This year is the first time we offer a Special Class on Shag for dancers from Intermediate/Advanced and up. Collegiate Shag is yet another energetic and dynamic Swing dance from the 1930-40ies that is danced to fast music. If you don't know it yet, you best just watch a video to get an impression, for example of the ShagPack Munich. Unfortunately, we don't offer any Shag beginners classes this year, however.

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